Rebar Welding Splicing Solution– Rebar Gas Pressure Welding Machine

  •  LGPW-A  Gas Pressure Welding Machine with  Electrical Oil Pump (welding ∅12-32mm rebar)
  •  LGPW-B  Gas Pressure Welding Machine with  Manual Oil Pump (welding ∅12-32mm rebar)
LGPW-A model with electrical oil pump                                                                                                            LGPW-B model with manual oil pump

Lecontech gas pressure welding machine is a ideal splicing machine for extending rebar 12mm-32mm without mechanical coupler and laps,which be widely applied for column,beam,girder,pile and protection slope, especially for the concentrated rebar location on construction site.

Gas pressure welding is a fusion welding method using oxyacetylene or liquefied petroleum gas to directly heating junction part of rebar raw material under pressure. It is an economic and easy-operating rebar splicing way, also the strength of rebar junction part is stronger than raw material.

Rebar gas pressure welding machine including :

  • 1 set of oil hydraulic pump
  • 4 pcs of rebar fixed clamp
  • 3 pcs of welding torch ring
  • 1 pce of welding torch rod
  • 1 pce of welding torch handle
  • 1 pce of burning torch
  • 1 pce of pressure reducing valve
  • 1 pce special spanner
Manual Oil Pump                                                                   Rebar Fixed Clamp                                                    Welding Torch Ring
Structure of rebar gas pressure welding device