Rebar Cutter  GQ42D



Technical specification:

  • Model:Lecontech GQ42D
  • Cutting capacity: ∅ 6-42 mm(σb≤450 MPa)  & ∅6-36 mm (σb≤650 MPa)
  • Cutting frequency: 48 times/min
  • Motor power: 3 kw-2 p
  • Motor rotating speed: 2860 R/min
  • Net weight: 495 kg
  • Overall dimension: 1100×500×900 mm(L×W×H)





  • Application:Gears,shafts,connection rod and blades adopting high-quality alloyed steel with required heat treatment (quenching/ tempering/ high frequency)
  • 15 mm thick external case  ensuring reliable performances also under heavy loads and long working life
  • Connection Rod has high hardness degree on attaching part with the blade, its internal side is made of tin-bronze to avoid abrasions while touching the crankshaft.
  • Thick blades (4 edges) to ensure accurate cutting with all kinds of steel bar (square blade or moon-shape blade option).
  • Dust proof motor with aluminium shell.


  • Lecontech GQ42D max cutting 42 mm steel bar for construction industry
  • Lecontech GQ42D also can work together with rebar thread rolling machine for rebar mechanical connecting