Parallel Threaded Rebar Splicing Solution

parallel thread rebar splicing solution-lecontech rebar machinery

Lecontech LBG Series  Parallel Rebar Thread Rolling Machine

  • Processing HRB335/HRB400/HRB500 hot-rolled ribbed rebar with ∅12-50mm or equivalent reinforced bars
  • Rebar mechanical connection for construction industry

Parallel Threaded Rebar Splicing Application 

parallel-threaded rebar-splicing-application-lecontechStandard Type

Suitable for normal splicing where the continuation rebar can be rotated

Left-hand & Right-hand Type

Suitable for situation where both rebars are hard to rotate. The thread on one rebar is made to be right-handed while the other is made left-handed.The connection can be done by turning the coupler only

Reducing Type

Two rebar ends diameter are different and need to transition of rebar diameters

Wide Mouth Type

Suitable for when rebars are different to be centered

Nut-Locking Type

Suitable for the continuation rebars can not be rotated or moved totally, The thread of one bar is extended to full coupler length,we have to joint rebars by rotating rebar coupler , then lock coupler and rebar by nut

Special model of machine available to obtain the extended thread length, please contact by email via for more Lecontech Rebar Machinery details.