Economic Rebar Splicing Solution-Gas Pressure Welding

Rebar Gas Pressure Welding is steel bar fusion welding under heating, which is used for splicing concrete reinforcing bars without mechanical thread coupler or laps.

Here two types of Lecontech gas pressure welding machine  

  •  LGPW-A  Gas Pressure Welding Machine with  Electrical Oil Pump
  •  LGPW-B  Gas Pressure Welding Machine with  Manual Oil Pump


Welding Steps: 

  • cutting the two ends of rebar
  • fix rebars on the welding clamp
  • Welding (light up the fire and adjust it to neutral flame, the lenght of flame core should be 15mm, heating two ends of rebar to molten state,start to increase pressure when rebar end are rising )
  • Setting off the welding clamp

Benefits of rebar gas pressure welding device 

  • Splicing welding ∅ 12mm-32mm rebar
  • Available to a wide welding range of applications ( horizontal welding,vertical welding , slope welding,especial for compact space welding )
  • Economic welding cost , only 0.06 usd  for welding swell of ∅20mm rebar
  • Welding junction joint stronger than rebar raw material through mechanical properties testing
Gas Pressure Welding–Rebar Mechnaical Properties Testing

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