Automatic Steel Reinforcing 5-16mm Stirrups Bending Solution

Steel rebar stirrups are provided to hold the main reinforcement rebars together, which widely used in grade beams and square columns to prevent them from buckling .

Benefits of using Lecontech  LT series  CNC Automatic Steel Stirrup Bending Machine for steel wire 5-16mm

  • High efficiency
    fully-automatic stirrup bender machine works well with single wire and double wire, each machine equals to approx. 20-30 steel workers.
  • Lower Construction Production Costs 
    Material is ordered and supplied as per need and is made available to the construction site for assembling,reduced steel wastage and saving in labor cost.
  • Quick response and delivery flexibility 
    Construction pace can be manipulated according to needs by simply programming delivery dates . this can also decrease construction time of reinforced concrete structures.
  • Customizing rebar shapes and lengths 
    Customizing the lengths of the rebars and bend them at required angles in accordance with the project’s blueprint. It is capable of making both common shapes stirrups and  complex helical shapes  (Complex Helical Stirrup Bender LT-12S)


Details of LT Series CNC Automatic Stirrup Bending Machine

  • Straightening  system:
    straightening system combines the vertical straightening unit and horizontal straightening unit ,each including 4 traction rollers drove by servo moor to ensure that steel wires reach the exact straightening affect easily.
  • Bending & cutting system:
    LT series stirrup making machine steered by servo motor , while bending the different angles, can protrude or draw back and receives the signal when cutting the system. It helps to complete the processing work synchronously.
  • Controlling system:
    with world-famous brand electric components and PLC , controlling system can easily make 2D bending shapes with more than 500 designs. Different shapes can be processed continuously without stop, also no need to stop the processing while adjusting the bending angle.

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