Rebar Splicing Machinery –Thread Rolling System


Rebar Splicing Machinery –Thread Rolling Solution

Thread rolling is a cold hardening process ,Lecontech LBG series rebar thread rolling machine have the following advantages over thread cutting :

  • The thread strength and hardness incressed by the cold hardeding process
  • The thread rolling produces much better surface roughness than thread cutting
  • The rolling makes the best use of rebar material , no material waste


  • Lecontech  LBG Series rolling machine designed as a parallel threaded rebar splicing system for connecting   ∅ 12mm-50mm reinforcing bars
  • Designed and manufactured in compliance with international standards BS8110,DIN1045, UBC 1997,  NF35-20-1,ACI318 and JGJ107
  • Widely used in rebar mechanical connection in construction projects.


  • Easy change of blades and rollers,  replacing blades need only 5 minutes
  • Equipped automatic opening & closing structure, one time clamping rebar then finish working at 30 seconds
  • High efficiency,  tearing off the rib and thread rolling combined perfect and integrated seamlessly
  • Rebar thread end can be made in advance  without influencing the construction period
  • Simple operating and fast installation, no need for skilled technicians.

Working Process:

Parallel threaded rebar splicing soluction include directly rolling and rolling after stripping rib.

  • Rebar cutting
  • Rebar rib stripping
  • Rebar end rolling
  • Rebar coupler connecting

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