Rebar Splicing Machinery –Intellectualized Tying System

Rebar Splicing Machinery– Intellectualized Tying System

Battery powered automatic rebar tying machine (also called rebar tier ) is one new intellectualized construction tools. There are two types battery operated rebar tying tool  for selection from Lecontech: Ni-Mh battery operated & Li-ion battery operated , which are widely used on job-site for construction industry.

Lecontech automatic rebar tying machine is designed as an effective tool with a trigger,which will cause the machine to automatically feed the wire ,twist it and cut it automatically.

Li-ion Battery Operated LT Series                      Ni-Mh Battery operated  WL Series

automatic-rebar-tying-machine-lt400l-lecontech                            Ni-mh -battery-powered-rebar-tying-machine-lecontech


Accessory Design of Rebar Tying Machine  

400x250 - 副本


An adjustable extension-arm  is another humanization design from Lecontech ,which  allows rod-workers of different heights to tie steel rebar at a comfortable back posture when working together with rebar-tier gun.


Benefits of using rebar tying machine 

  • Increasing tying efficiency by 3-5 times with automatic rebar-tier  instead of traditional manual tying method by pliers
  • Tying a variety of rebar sizes max diameter ∅40mm
  • Reducing risk of low-back and upper-extremity injury
  • Multipurpose , reinforcing tying task , also tying electrical conduit and radiant heat tube to steel mesh

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